This week in community β€” Issue 124

This week in community β€” Issue 124

🌈 Hello again from Rosieland!

Another week is here and I'm bringing you something new β€” a Rosieland forum! I've affectionately called The Village. You see, Rosieland is a land, and it needs places within it to go. 🀣

The Village is one such place.

A forum is important because I feel there is so much to share and discuss in the community world. These are things that need love, curating, discussing and collaborating on. A chat space like Slack or Discord have their purposes, but I believe in forums for longer-term, intentional, findable and deeper discussions that can all bring bigger impact.

The community world needs it. And to be frank, I keep asking questions on Twitter, but really I should be doing those and other forms of loose ideas and notes on a forum.

The Village is live and in transition. There will be more categories and improvements coming soon. I just want to focus on shipping and keep moving forward.

πŸ™πŸ½ Please join, this is free and for everyone.

Here are some discussions that may be of interest:

Onwards to more in the community world...

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