👋 Hello! I'm so pleased you are taking a little look around this special little piece of land on the internet.

Rosieland (one word, like England) was started by Rosie. As you might see, they have a name in common. This is mostly a bit of fun.

You see. Rosie loves building communities. She also believes the world should be more 'rosie'. That there are wonderful and incredible ways that we can do things.

For years, Rosie would wander off into a day dream of world building. Dreaming up new ideas for ideas, business and communities. This dreaming was fondly called Rosie being off in Rosieland, in the clouds.

This is why we have a cloud in our logo. And because Rosie likes to think in a fun and creative way, we've added rainbows, rain, thunder, and more... to our 'brand' along the way.

Life is too short not to be colourful.

Life is also too short to not benefit from the beauty of community building. This is our real mission — to help us all understand and build better communities.

☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️   ☀️  

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