❤️Community Building ❤️

Rosie Land is the magical space in Rosie's head.

I currently lead the community over at Indie Hackers and am really loving combining my 'founder' knowledge alongside my love for community building.

I founded and am still a co-owner and advisor to Ministry of Testing.  It's a global community dedicated to advancing the software testing industry.  It's currently a '7 figure' bootstrapped company and employs about 10 people.  I'm pretty proud of what it has become.  I stepped back mostly because I realised running that company wasn't where I wanted to be.

I've also started dipping my toes into being an advisor and investor.

I've come to the conclusion that everything I love doing comes back to the foundations of community building and indie hacking.  A wonderful mix, if you ask me, that I believe needs more writing and deeper study on.

My future needs to be focused on something I love and this for me is it. My long term goal is for this little space to become a place for my 1000 true fans, I hope for it to be a little space on the internet that sustains my passion financially to keep learning and sharing all the things in my wee head.

As I get older I care less about traffic, subscribers or followers and more about meaningful work. I'm very open, ethical and honest about all the things I do, but I don't necessarily want everything that I say to be searchable by Google or read by people that don't really care.  Sharing things on a smaller, more protected and private scale helps me deal with it better.

That's me.

You can follow or DM me on Twitter. I don't really like email these days, but you can give me a shot on that too. rosiesherry [at] gmail.com