Love Language

 πŸ‘‹ This is Rosie's statement of how she expresses her love to the industry and Rosieland.

Why make a statement about our "love language"?

Read about Community Love Language Statements.

Humans are individuals and as the world evolves we all seek to evolve our identity in a different way. As we grow in life we make discoveries of who we want to be, what we want to be surrounded by and what we each find valuable.

A love language is an expression of who we are and what we are trying to do. The hope is that through clear communication we can give people who visit Rosieland a better idea of what to expect.

It's not a sales page, it's a way to express communication and have a common understanding.

This "Love Language" page exists to express our identity and what we strive for at Rosieland. In it's current state it is very much based on the personality and ideas of Rosie Sherry, the person behind Rosieland.

To understand our language is to understand why Rosieland exists, which from day one has always been about exploration of what community building is, could or should be.

A "love language" statement is a way for Rosie to express and give clarity as to why her work exists. She loves "community" and how she shows up is her expression of love for the work that she does.

Rosieland's Love Language Statement

How Rosieland expresses love:

  • Community is at the heart of everything we do
  • We are currently 80% articles, content, events and knowledge base and 20% "community"
  • We love conversations and events, but sometimes people just need pointing in the right direction with resources or questions
  • We exist to explore a better community industry
  • Research and rabbit holes are our besties
  • We seek better ways, there are always better ways
  • We seek bravery and to cross new boundaries
  • We question everything because [so many reasons]
  • We accept that questioning everything and forging new paths can create tension
  • Our work is not always visible, and often a solitary effort, but if you reach out we are always here to help
  • We play around with business models to make this a sustainable effort
  • There's no manipulation, false hope or promises made
  • Money made is for fair wages and reinvesting back into our efforts and people
  • Out of an ethical business principle and practice, if you are a company seeking to benefit from our existence then you should financially compensate us.
  • We hope to make real friends along the way,


The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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