November 10, 2021

Community is the way

topics: strategy
Rosie Sherry
Community is the way, the goal or outcome is what it enables.

I love this Tweet by Rafa.

We have dreams and aspirations. We seek to create a positive change. Things we want to explore. Goals to achieve. Businesses and products to create.

Community should be a way of life. A core foundation of how and why we choose to do things. It is who we are. It is part of our culture and our DNA. We're not doing it because it makes us look good. We're not doing it for the marketing or sales it may drive. We're not doing it to have a 'Community' section on our website.

We're doing it because we care. The love goes deep. We do it because we know the potential of what could be enabled if we could just work together. Collaborate. Share ideas. Invest in and reward one another.

We're doing it because we believe it is the way. The way to explore and create the right solutions. The way to be authentic. The way to really listen and build valuable organisations. The way to go deep into conversations rather than be constantly superficial.

Community is the way. It brings sustainability. Belonging. Scale. Power. Harmony. Change. Understanding. Innovation. Growth. Connection. Diversity.

In the future, I hope we'll all be doing community. It will be embedded in our culture. It will be part of who we are. It may not be called community. It may not have a section on your website. But the organisations that survive will have community principles as their foundation.

—Rosie Sherry