Rosieland Roundup 213 — Community as Medicine

Rosieland Roundup 213 — Community as Medicine

🗓️ RSVP: Exploring Community Conversations - Tuesday January 30th

This week:
1️⃣ Community requires research
2️⃣ Upcoming Rosieland Events
3️⃣ Community as medicine
4️⃣ Is there a future for Community Churches?
5️⃣ 9 Factors That Improve the Odds of Connection
6️⃣ Benches as third spaces

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🔍 Community requires research

I'm a bit excited about giving community research a focus and how it connects with our needs further down the line. A bit of community research, combined with things like Community Pain Research can lead to much deeper, meaningful and impactful conversations.

🌈 Upcoming Rosieland Events

Keep an eye out on our free events:

💊 Community as Medicine

Imagine being prescribed 'community' as a way to improve your health? This is the kind of future I hope for!

⛪️ Is there a future for Community Churches?

Religion has historically been a huge influencer in how and why we gather, in both positive and negative ways. The world is changing and loneliness is becoming a real issue. As part of that we need to find new ways to gather.

Sunday Assembly has been a leader in this space of gathering in a church like manner without religion being a part of it. This piece looks at how secular congregations fill a need for some nonreligious Americans

🤝 9 Factors That Improve the Odds of Connection

Marta Brozko is writing some great stuff on human connection. This articles dives into what human connection is and the 9 factors that improves the odds of connecting.

🛋️ Benches as third spaces

My eyes are opening up a bit more about the simplicity of community in public spaces and now wherever I go in public I'm looking at it from a 'third space' perspective.

I shared last week about playgrounds as a third space and then I stumbled-upon this article about benches in Paris (via this article talking about third spaces).

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