Rosieland Roundup 220 — Listen to your people and your heart

Rosieland Roundup 220 — Listen to your people and your heart

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I like to listen to audio books when I go on walks these days and today there was an idea that spoke to me. This one comes from All About Love by bell hooks.

I don't have the exact words to hand, but it was something along the lines of:

"Listening is not just paying attention to what others are doing or saying, it's also about listening to our hearts needs".

And this to me balances up how I have always approached community, it's a balancing of listening to the people, but also putting my heart into it too, not just with effort, but also recognising that my needs matter too. If I don't listen to them I will just burn out or lose interest.

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🌈 This week in Rosieland

📚 The Community Algorithm
⚡️ Community Business Models 2024, save your spot!

🗺️ A Single Small Map Is Enough For A Lifetime

I love the idea of going deep into my local area, mapping it out and the idea of appreciating the community that is on our doorstep. I've ordered the audio book for my daily walks!

I've been practicing this myself, not to the same extent, but more with mixing up my daily walks, observing, taking photos and having an Instagram account for it.

🦋 Bluesky’s Stackable Approach to Moderation

I do appreciate seeing the updates from Bluesky for their moderation efforts. It feels a world apart from X these days. In this article they also mention open sourcing Ozone, their collaborative moderation tool.

🙏 Just Say Thank You

Drew touches upon something that I very much identify with...that my work never really feels good enough. Thank you Drew. ❤️

🎙️ Making a Scene on the Radio

My next community project will be a local one and I'm inspired by local podcasting, radio and journalism. I hope the future finds ways to enable this kind of spaces to be sustainable.

🌱 Gathering Structures

Always good words and perspectives from Maggie Appleton, this one focuses on ways that are low-stress and high rewards.

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