Rosieland Roundup 230 - A simple pen & paper tool for community builders and network weavers

Rosieland Roundup 230 - A simple pen & paper tool for community builders and network weavers

👋 Welcome to another week in Rosieland!

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🌈 12 ways I'm thinking about community right now

I think about community, all, the, time. I put 12 together 12 ways of how I'm thinking about it right now. I hope it helps you re-think what community means for you!

🤖 What is Human in the Loop Automation

This post from Camunda is not directly related to community, this did get me thinking about the role and the balance between automation and the humanity of our community work.

While the world is diving deeper and deeper into the ocean of automation, the role of humans in maintaining, guiding, and enhancing automated systems remains crucial. This blend of human oversight and machine efficiency is known as Human in the Loop (HITL) automation. It’s a concept that’s becoming ever more relevant in today’s automated workflows, ensuring that while machines handle the heavy lifting, human intelligence and decision-making remain at the forefront.

🏘️ Your town’s online group matters more than you think

I love seeing New_ Public giving some love and focus to local communities...

You may not think of this as social media, but most towns in America have some sort of general-purpose, locals-only digital forum: a Facebook group, a Google group, a Nextdoor neighborhood. These groups mostly run below the radar — they seem quotidian, maybe even boring. But according to Pew, “about half of US adults say they get their local news from online groups or forums,” more even than from newspapers. If they were strengthened into resilient, flourishing spaces, they could be crucial to reinforcing American democracy. That’s why we’re going to make them a major focus of our work at New_ Public. 

🗝️ Unlocking Community Intelligence in Events: Embracing Participant-Driven Methodologies

Bill Johnston shares good thoughts on participant-driven events, and more specifically unconferences

🎨 Building A Community To Do Creative Work Together 

Mark Masters from You Are The Media is doing great work in the community space, it's always fun to hear his insights and stories.

🥇 The cultures that actually win

I always love the uplifting community words from gapingvoid. This is their latest, though with my mind more on the idea of 'community care', I'd love to see it replace 'quality relationships'. 🥰

flywheel image: quality relationships : quality culture

🕸️ A simple pen & paper tool for community builders and network weavers

Here's a fun activity from Katrina Bohlec to help you explore possibilities and network building within your community.

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