Rosieland Roundup 231 β€” A space to think

Rosieland Roundup 231 β€” A space to think

β˜€οΈ Welcome to another week in Rosieland!

🧠 What do you call members in your community?

We'd love to know what you call members in your community. Do you have overall onbrand names? And do you have names for different types of members? (e.g. superusers or founding members).

🚒 Shipping over sharing

I've often fallen into the trap of sharing over shipping, is this a common thing in community? I suspect it is. My latest piece for Rosieland.

4️⃣ You Need a Fourth Place: A Space to Think

I love this piece from Sebastien Dubois. I'm a fan of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and combining the idea of a space to think as a fourth place brings me all kinds of joy. Especially as Rosieland is very much my space to think, that I end up sharing with y'all.

πŸ› οΈ Cosy, a community tool for Slack, by Charlie Ward

πŸŽ‰ Ordinary Folks Launches

Shout out to Lisa Goldberg for launching her new thing: Ordinary Folks:

Experience Designers for your brand's digital and IRL events. Boosting followers, real-world hangouts, tangible results. That’s what we do. Pinky swear!

3️⃣ Three ideas for making online newsgathering feel reciprocal, communal, and natural

Today I learned about the term 'parachute journalism', I'm sure we could apply this 'parachute' term in general to that certain type of community member who doesn't hang around long as they are focused on getting that one thing out of their time with the community.

Digital parachute journalism looks like glomming onto a community only when it’s trending. It looks like diving into virtual spaces without paying attention to a groups’ norms (let alone the care it takes to maintain them). Sometimes, this is an unfortunate part of doing our jobs. Others, it leaves a whole host of damage: broken trust, disillusionment, and a lack of faith in the media to get β€” well β€” anything right.

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