This week in community building — Issue 75

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By Sari Azout

In one of the most memorable pieces of writing I read last year, David Brooks writes: If you want to summarize the changes in family structure over the past century, the truest thing to say is this: We’ve made life freer for individuals and more unstable for families.

What led to this departure from community? Essentially, agriculture and industry allowed people to make more individualistic choices about their lives, and those choices diminished group efforts towards a common good.

Users Are.. / People Are..

By Ted Hunt

A seismic social shift has taken place seeing much of humanity evolve from a person to a user. We are all complicit in this shift. We have collectively accepted this new social contract unchallenged. We 'agreed' to it. We perpetuate and propagate it. We are now the users, the using and the used.

New breed of local food halls in UK towns offer grub and a hub

From The Guardian

Be it at an old Poundland shop or an ex-cutlery foundry, community food halls are taking to the high streets – and a new report expects many more

There is potential for up to 120 of these community food halls across the UK, a new report has found, as big shifts in consumer spending and attitudes caused by the coronavirus pandemic – including a newfound appreciation of local community – prompt investors to consider piling in.

The Wrong Hat

By Julian Stodd

Perhaps, as our Organisations become more connected, more dynamic, more agile and changeable, we need to not only badge for expertise, but badge for proud ignorance too.

Perhaps we all at times need a hat that says “not me”.

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