Rosieland Roundup 197 - Oops, I've started a new daily community newsletter

Rosieland Roundup 197 - Oops, I've started a new daily community newsletter

🏖 The clock is ticking Rosieland Retreat!

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🔥 Oops, I've started a new daily community newsletter

Before you shout out "ROSIE, BUT WHY?!" Hear me out! Or "trust in Rosie" 🤣and take the quick path and subscribe to the daily Continuous Community newsletter.

My original reasoning turned into an essay, here's the bullet point version:

  • The focus of the newsletter is are high level and short community takes with a read time of 1-2 minutes
  • I want to save people time by having light community takes in one place
  • I have a huge archive of community things I've shared on social, want to say, are more obscure or hard to find
  • I love social, but I don't trust it long term
  • I was reluctant to do this on Rosieland as it would overwhelm the content experience
  • It's designed to get you thinking, remind you of community ideas and hopefully inspire you along the way
  • Some of it will be new, other parts will be edited or further elaborated
  • I love using and experimenting and using different platforms to keep me on my toes
  • The newsletter will be 100% free with future options to support it
  • Read the post from today: The 80/20 conversations rule of community

The Continuous Community newsletter will support your continuous community efforts because community is continuous. It also aligns with what I'm slowly creating over on Continuous Community.

(PS. I actually started this months ago, but lacked clarity on how to move forward, this is attempt No 2 😅)

When you're starting community, really you are designing one

A little something I wrote a while back that I resurfaced and beautified.


Conversations with real people matter

By Ben Werdmuller

As social networks begin to fill with AI-generated crap, it occurs to me that the small, independent web will be the last place where you know you'll find content and conversations from real people.

🎧 Boast: Community Built to $20 million Revenue

Listen to Lloyed Lobo over at Mixergy on building Boast to $20 million in revenue. Also, I noticed his book From Grassroot to Greatness is currently at $0.99 for the Kindle version.

✨ Interesting community reads

The Community Building Garden

We research, study and share what community building means for humanity today


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