202 posts β€” Rosieland Roundup brings gathers weekly community news, articles, events, products and more!

Rosieland Roundup 179 - The privatization of community

Rosieland Roundup 178 - Come join our audio space πŸŽ™

Rosieland Roundup 177 - Change making is lonely. Until it isn't.

Rosieland Roundup 176 - The Purpose to Practice Community Co-creation Framework

Rosieland Roundup 175 - Botman, a bot that moderates AI-generated content

Rosieland Roundup 174 - The Community Tool List

This week in community 173

This week in community 172 - Is it Community Compatible?

This week in community 171 - The community with 100k daily active users

This week in community 170 - "You're awesome. No, you're awesome."

Rosieland Roundup 169 - Community & AI πŸ€–

Rosieland Roundup 168 - What inclusion and belonging obstacles are you facing in your community building journey?

Rosieland Roundup 167 - How are you getting important info out to members?

Rosieland Roundup 166 - How do you speed up community discovery?

Rosieland Roundup 165 - Experiencing hyper community belonging and some of it went sour

Rosieland Roundup 164 - "Who" does it take to build community?

Rosieland Roundup 163 - What do people new to community building need to know or learn?

Rosieland Roundup 162 - Communities of Practice, Lurking, Frameworks, Books...and more!

Rosieland Roundup 161 - Choose your own Slack Adventure 🀠

Rosieland Roundup 160 - Predictions for 2023

Rosieland Roundup 159 - How can we build 'open' communities?

Rosieland Roundup 158 - What's in a forum strategy?

Rosieland Roundup 157 - Can we adapt how we use forums?

Rosieland Roundup 156 - Many community tools are just features

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